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Budget-Friendly Storage Solutions
for Small Living Situations

It may not be a very popular opinion among those who admire large mansions, but living in a small living situation has its benefits. First of all, the less house you have, the less maintenance you have to put up with -- that means no more weekends spent entirely on lawn care, cleaning, and fixer-upper projects! Also, when there are fewer rooms at home, you’re more likely to stop and consider before buying something you don’t need. And a smaller environment is a more intimate and safer place to be with those you love.

Of course, just because you’re in a smaller living situation doesn’t mean you want to get rid of everything you own. On the other hand, a cluttered home can increase stress, trigger respiratory issues, create safety hazards, decrease productivity, make you late, and more! The key is finding balance with creative and budget-friendly storage solutions that help you keep the things you love in your home without them constantly being in your sight.

Never Pay Full Price for Storage Solutions
You could probably use some new storage options that go with your updated decor, but you don’t want to spend top dollar on the latest trends. What’s more, all big-box retail brands employ steep markups in order to pay for marketing and advertising methods. However, you can beat the system when you look for coupons and online discounts for stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond so you won't break the bank while organizing your space.

Invest in Dual-Duty Furniture
If you have room in your budget to update furniture, make smart purchases by investing in pieces that pull double-duty. For example, stretch out your tired legs and rest your feet on a plush ottoman that also serves as a small storage unit where you can stash remotes, electronics, and books. A fold-out sofa or half-sleep chair is a great thing to have on hand when loved ones come to visit but you don’t have an entire guest room to spare. Or, consider installing a Murphy bed in your own bedroom or a wall-mounted kitchen table that folds inward if you enjoy the extra space to move around during the day. Get creative with what you find, and let your imagination guide you to the solutions that best fit your lifestyle and needs. Of course, doing so on a budget is key, so check out stores like Kohlsand look for discountsand promo codes to ensure you’re saving money on your new additions.

Make Use of Vertical Space
So often we limit ourselves to what’s accessible at eye level. When you live in a smaller place, you learn to look up and down to find solutions to your storage needs. When it comes to making the most of vertical space, your walls become much more than a place to hang artwork. By adding shelves or cubbies, you fill in negative space while giving yourself room to store those things you love. Consider using affordable baskets, buckets, and binders to create a more uniformed look that avoids coming off as too cluttered.

Other ways to make the most of vertical space:
Do you live life on two wheels? Hang your bikefrom hooks on the ceiling so it’s safely stored indoors and away from petty thieves. Just make sure you do it someplace where people won’t constantly smack their heads into your handlebars.

Your mother may have gotten onto you for stuffing all your clothes under your bed and calling your room “clean,” but you’re an adult now and you can live life by your own rules. Make the most of that under-the-bed space with storage solutions that safely stow books, out-of-season clothes, linens, shoes, and more.

Smaller homes have many benefits, but the one drawback is that it’s easy for them to look cluttered without proper storage. Add storage on a budget when you shop smart with cashback offers and coupons. If you’re going to invest in furniture, look for pieces that pull double-duty. Finally, don’t underestimate the potential of vertical space. From below the bed to above the stove, there’s room to store everything you need if you tap into your creativity.

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